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    • Bail Hearings

    Bail hearings are among the most important hearings that an accused will face when charged with a criminal offense in Canada. Bail hearings decide whether an accused will have to stay in custody or whether they will be allowed to continue living their lives in the community while they await their trial date.

    With trial dates in Canada often being eight to one year following an accused’s arrest, the outcome of a bail hearing can sometimes have a more significant impact on an accused’s life than the trial itself. That is why it is so helpful to have an experienced bail lawyer.

    How we can help

    As per the law, a defendant accused of a crime should present themselves in court within 24 hours. We will meet with you during this time to explain the procedure, gather information, and decide how to get you out of jail. If it becomes essential to go to court, we will prepare witnesses and ensure that we have the records and other evidence we need to put together the best case on your behalf. 

    SP Law Office A Professional Corporation Lawyers have significant experience leading complex bail hearings. We are happy about our record of success, and we prevail because we are prepared. We win our cases through preparation, integrated with our knowledge and experience, at every step, from bail hearing to trial. No matter what you are accused of, we will be able to develop a release plan tailored to your situation to give you the best chance of getting bail.

    • Domestic Assault

    Domestic assault is deemed a ‘zero tolerance’ offense in Canada. Any charge that occurs in a household or intimate relationship between two people is termed domestic assault. This could include marriages, spouses or common-law partners, live-in relationships, or other family members. Domestic assault can have multiple forms, including emotional, sexual abuse, physical intimidation and threats, or economic deprivation.

    The courts take a severe view of domestic assault because domestic abuse can negatively influence children’s physical and mental health. As per studies, domestic violence tends to escalate if not dealt with fast and effectively.  

    How we can help

    As domestic assault lawyers, we have successfully addressed hundreds of cases, acquiring the necessary expertise and experience to navigate any kind and level of domestic assault allegations. Therefore, if you’re charged with domestic assault or related charges, we can represent and recommend you through the bail hearings, negotiations, and trials, battling to get the best possible results. 

    At SP Law Office A Professional Corporation, we protect your liberties, rights, and character. Your requirements and interests always come first. With us as your domestic assault lawyers, you’ll have a skilled law firm capable of defending you through solid and effective strategies.

    • Sexual Assault

    The crime of sexual assault can be severe. In common words, sexual assault is when sexual contact is imposed on someone without their consent or free will. It infringes the integrity of the victim as it is undesirable sexual contact. Based on the severity, it could be a sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon or aggravated sexual assault. A sexual assault case holds multiple complications, wherein a considerable role is played by evidence.

    While the Criminal Code of Canada provides no strict definition of sexual assault or abuse, violations relating to sexual assault are considered extremely serious. It presents many types of sexual offenses, including but not limited to groping or sexually touching any person under the age of 15 years old; sharing sexual videos or pictures of those under the age of 18 is considered child pornography.

    How we can help 

    Sexual assault defense needs to be assertive, and it needs to be up to date. Criminal Lawyer Saidaltaf Patel uses the latest tactics and maintains up to date on the latest case law to ensure the best outcome possible. He is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating their cases and does his most beneficial to eliminate the stress this charge brings upon clients.

    At SP Law Office A Professional Corporation, due to the highly political nature of sexual assault charges, we often recommend that our clients elect to be tried by Judge and Jury, where available. While jury trials aren’t required for every case, they are recommended in most cases. We have successfully defended individuals against sexual assault charges . 

    • Theft under $5000 and over

    In Canada, you can be charged with stealing when you take or convert anything that belongs to another person to deprive that person of that good. To convert something means that you acquired someone else’s property and then transformed it into another good for your benefit. If you have been accused of theft and there seems to be solid evidence against you and you haven’t done anything, do not give up hope. With the help of an excellent criminal defense lawyer, you can walk away from your charges without a criminal record.

    In Canada, theft charges fall into theft over $5000.00 and theft under $5000.00. Theft over $5000.00 is the more severe of the two counts, for which you can face up to ten years in prison if convicted. Theft under $5000.00 is a hybrid crime meaning the Crown can decide to prosecute you either summarily or by indictment. If the Crown chooses to charge you by indictment, they will probably be seeking jail time, and if they charge you summarily, you can still face up to six months in jail if you are convicted of theft under $5000.00

    How we can help 

    As experienced criminal defense trial lawyers, we know how to successfully dispute the evidence presented during the trial and raise enough valid doubt to secure an acquittal. We can submit a reasonable doubt about contradicting witness testimony, unclear video footage, and other evidence. The Crown also has to verify that the theft was deliberate, which opens another angle to the reasonable doubt defense. 

    If ultimately convicted, we will help secure the least onerous penalties by emphasizing mitigating factors and minimizing aggravating factors. At SP Law Office A Professional, we are experienced in defending cases involving theft under / over $5000 and will use our knowledge and proficiency in criminal law, law enforcement and court procedures to protect your rights.

    • Impaired Driving and drug offenses

    A couple of charges qualify as a driving offense, commonly called DUI (driving under the influence). These include Impaired Driving, Negligence or refusal to perform physical sobriety tests or give breath or blood samples. This also includes Impaired Driving charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This is important because as Canada legalizes marijuana, it will implement new changes to existing DUI laws. 

    For drunk driving in Canada, fines range from monetary penalties to jail (A $1000 fine + twelve-months driving prohibition to 120 days in jail + a thirty six-month driving prohibition) depending on whether there are last sentences, but your license is often suspended. However, you can reclaim it under specific conditions. If you hurt a person physically, the maximum jail sentence is ten years. If you kill a person, the maximum penalty is life in prison.

    How we can help 

    You can defend against DUI charges or withdraw them with the help of a skilled DUI lawyer, a criminal lawyer who is acquainted with police processes and provides evidence against allegations. Saidaltaf Patel and his firm are highly experienced in Impaired Driving, 80mg over, SP Law Office A Professional Corporation, and have developed a winning record and the skills required to defend any case given the opportunity successfully. Remember, it’s better to contact a Criminal Lawyer before pleading guilty! 

    Here we use our extensive trial experience to challenge the accuracy of police evidence and courageously raise all possible defenses and arguments. We know all of the potential reasons you can utilize in your particular case and will likely be victorious in winning your impaired driving case. From your initial free meeting, we will look at your issue, study what occurred on the day you were arrested for impaired driving and explain possible defenses that may be utilized to win your case.