Canada Spousal Sponsorship

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Spousal Sponsorship is for individuals wishing to sponsor their spouse and dependent children. This program requires the sponsor to agree with the Canadian Government to financially support the sponsored partner for three years. The process of a spouse visa for Canadian permanent residency highly varies compared to other visa applications. If successful, the sponsored spouse gets permanent resident status, allowing the couple (or family) to spend their lives in Canada.




As an immigrant applying for a Spouse Sponsorship, you should be able to prove your relationship and must qualify for any of the below categories -

  • Spouse: The sponsor and a sponsored person should be legally married and have relevant documents to prove their claim.
  • Common-law partner: Common-law partnership defines both parties residing together for at least one year, excluding a brief absence citing family or business reasons.
  • Conjugal Partner: Conjugal relationship is a marriage-like Relationship between two people for at least one year. They are not married and have not lived together due to circumstances such as persecution or any form of penal control. Conjugal partner can be legally married to another person and still may be considered conjugal partner provided their marriage has broken down and they lived separate and apart from their spouses for at least one year, during which time they must have cohabited in a conjugal relationship with their new partner.

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