Canada’s Immigration Policy

Over the last few decades, Canada has opened its doors and welcomed immigrants to openly display its valuing of multiculturalism. People born outside of Canada make up about one-fifth of Canada’s total population. These immigrants have helped the country fight aging demographics and drive economic growth. In recent years, with the United States curtailing several immigration programs, Canada has become an increasingly more attractive destination for immigrants.
  • Super Visa
  • Spouse Sponsorship
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Express Entry
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Canada has put a great deal of importance on the reuniting of families. The Super Visa program makes for an excellent opportunity for the sponsors to ask their parents and grandparents to visit Canada for a more extended period. With the help of the Super Visa, the parent and grandparent can see their family for an extended period than a regular visit. The Super Visa allows visitors to stay for a maximum period of six months. However, to qualify, both - the hosts and parents/grandparents must meet specific criteria before entering Canada.

As an applicant applying for a Super Visa, you must:

  • Demonstrate that your child or grandchild’s household income meets the minimum income requirements
  • Provide a written statement from the child or grandchild stating that they will financially support you during your stay in Canada.
  • If required, answer an immigration medical exam.
  • Hold valid medical insurance coverage for at least one year.

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The Super Visa application process can be very tedious, time-consuming and confusing. Therefore, you must opt for professional immigration help, such as SP Law Office, if you are serious about applying for Canadian visas. The last thing you would want is your application being rejected after months (or sometimes years) of waiting. We have several years of experience and have helped hundreds of people immigrate to Canada. We are optimistic and confident we can help you as well! Contact us today to learn more!

Canada Work Permit

Spouse Sponsorship is for individuals who wish to sponsor their spouse and their dependent children. This program requires the sponsor to agree with the Canadian Government to financially support the sponsored partner for three years. The process of a spouse visa for Canadian permanent residency highly varies compared to other visa applications. If successful, the sponsored spouse gets permanent resident status, allowing the couple (or family) to spend their lives in Canada.

As an immigrant applying for a Spouse Sponsorship, you should be able to prove your relationship and must qualify for any of the below categories—

  • Spouse: The sponsor and a sponsored person should be legally married and have relevant documents to prove their claim.
  • Common-law partner: Common-law partnership defines both parties residing together for at least one year, excluding a brief absence citing family or business reasons.
  • Conjugal Partner: Conjugal relationship is a marriage-like Relationship between two people for at least one year. They are not married and have not lived together due to circumstances such as persecution or any form of penal control. Conjugal partner can be legally married to another person and still may be considered conjugal partner provided their marriage has broken down and they lived separate and apart from their spouses for at least one year, during which time they must have cohabited in a conjugal relationship with their new partner.

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SP Law Office can help you find your eligibility as a sponsor and help you and your spouse in the application. As your trusted partner, you can always count on us to provide you with detailed information on any subject concerning spouse visas. We love bringing families together by helping them move to Canada temporarily or permanently. We are experts in the field devoted to helping you with your Canadian Immigration needs.

Work Permit Canada

Citizens of Canada and permanent residents have a right to sponsor their loved ones residing in or outside of Canada through Family Sponsorship. The Government of Canada understands that uniting families is the key to making the country culturally diverse, prosperous, and robust.

As an immigrant applying for a Family Sponsorship, you should

  • Be a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner.
  • Be dependent on children, including adopted children who are 22 years old or under and not a spouse or common- law partner
  • 22 years of age or older, have depended substantially on the financial support of the parent since before the age of 22 and be unable to support themselves financially due to a physical or mental condition (It is the financial dependency that must have been ongoing since before the age of 22. It is not necessary for the physical or mental condition to have existed before the age of 22.)
  • Be parents or grandparents.
  • Be eligible relative

How can we help?

Although the Government of Canada prioritizes the procedure of sponsorship applications, success is never guaranteed. You must meet all the eligibility requirements, and even the minutest mistake on an application can result in a refusal. To make the most of this great opportunity, applicants should get a legal expert who knows how to put together the application to ensure the best chance to be sponsored. At SP Law Office, we understand what immigration officers are looking for when assessing a sponsorship application. We have successfully helped several individuals acquire Canadian permanent residence through Family Sponsorship, and we can help you too!

Super Visa Canada

Express Entry is a process by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) aimed at helping manage and process forms received through Canada’s federal economic immigration programs for skilled workers. This route is a competitive immigration system, stacking all eligible candidates against one another depending on their age, work experience, education, etc factors. Best-ranking candidates can apply for Canadian permanent resident status.

  • As an applicant applying for an Express Entry, you should qualify under any of the following three immigration programs–
  • Canadian Experience Class—This program under Express Entry lets international students and temporary foreign workers secure a year of full-time work experience or at least two years of part-time work experience to secure a Canada Permanent Residency.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)— This is Canada’s permanent settlement option based on the skills and abilities of skilled workers.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is for qualified trade workers who want to migrate to Canada after securing a permanent job.

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At SP Law Office, our clients are pleased to relieve themselves of the tedious paperwork. It is supremely gratifying to see our clients successfully migrate to Canada to meet their family and friends or travel through Canada’s exotic destinations without the challenges of filing loads of complicated paperwork. Our proficient team will assess your eligibility to determine if you meet the qualification requirements.