Canada Spousal Sponsorship Appeals and Refusals


Has your sponsorship application for a spouse or partner been denied? You can appeal the decision to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada for review. This appeals process is called a sponsorship appeal and allows you to present the case of why your application should be accepted.


Legal Support for Spousal Sponsorship Appeals in Canada

Our Immigration Lawyers in Toronto Are Ready to Work with Your Family

At SP Law, our immigration lawyers are specialists. We have successfully reunited many families by processing their spousal sponsorship applications to gain permanent resident status in Canada. We can help you appeal a sponsorship refusal and present your best case, so you have the opportunity to have your application reviewed.

How to Appeal a Spousal Sponsorship Refusal in Canada

To appeal your sponsorship application refusal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD), you must follow several steps, such as:

  • File Your Notice of Appeal - Complete a Notice of Appeal form and submit this along with a copy of the refusal letter sent to your family member.
  • Receive Your Appeal Record - When the IAD receives your Notice of Appeal, it will forward your case to the Minister’s counsel, who will send you an appeal record outlining why your application was refused.
  • Prepare Your Case - You’ll need to gather relevant information and documentation to explain why your spouse or partner should be reconsidered for spousal visa approval.
  • Enter the Early Resolution Process - This informal process allows you to present additional information that may allow your appeal to get resolved without a formal hearing.
  • Get Your Hearing Date - In the event that your case cannot be resolved in the Early Resolution Process, you will receive a hearing date and a Notice to Appear.
  • Gather Your Information - You must provide new corroborative documents and a list of witnesses to the Minister’s counsel 20 days before the hearing.
  • Attend Your Hearing - You will be required to answer questions presented by the Minister’s Counsel regarding your appeal. Your witnesses will be called to testify, and you will be expected to make closing arguments.


How Can SP Law Help You with Your Spousal Sponsorship Appeal?

The appeals process can be long and complicated. Failure to present the relevant information in a clear and concise manner may jeopardize your chances of a successful appeal. At SP Law, our immigration lawyers are fully versed in sponsorship appeals. They will gather the relevant documentation required to appeal your sponsorship refusal and work on your behalf with the Minister’s Counsel and the IAD. The SP Law team will provide representation at your hearing and present a thorough argument in favour of being granted a spousal sponsorship visa. Our goal is to help you bring your loved one to Canada as quickly and easily as possible. Whether you are just starting the Spousal Sponsorship application process or have a refused spousal sponsorship application and need to submit a Notice of Appeal, our lawyers are ready to guide you through the process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call our office at 416-573-1900 for a free initial consultation.