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Domestic assault is deemed a ‘zero tolerance’ offense in Canada. Any charge that occurs in a household or intimate relationship between two people is termed domestic assault. This could include marriages, spouses or common-law partners, live-in relationships, or other family members. Domestic assault can have multiple forms, including emotional, sexual abuse, physical intimidation and threats, or economic deprivation.

The courts take a severe view of domestic assault because domestic abuse can negatively influence children’s physical and mental health. As per studies, domestic violence tends to escalate if not dealt with fast and effectively.  

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As domestic assault lawyers, we have successfully addressed hundreds of cases, acquiring the necessary expertise and experience to navigate any kind and level of domestic assault allegations. Therefore, if you’re charged with domestic assault or related charges, we can represent and recommend you through the bail hearings, negotiations, and trials, battling to get the best possible results. 

At SP Law Office A Professional Corporation, we protect your liberties, rights, and character. Your requirements and interests always come first. With us as your domestic assault lawyers, you’ll have a skilled law firm capable of defending you through solid and effective strategies.

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